Transfer Students Scholarships

Scholarship Title Amount Due Date
ACF Carl F. Scott Scholarship Fund for Tucumcari Lodge No. 27 AF&AM $2,600 03/16/2020
Al Barr Memorial Scholarship $3,000 04/15/2019
AL Diablo Valley Community College Scholarship $4,000 03/18/2020
Augustana College Transfer Scholarships $15,000 Varies
Bridgewater College Transfer Grant $5,000 Varies
Christian Ministries Dependent Grant $1,000 Varies
Church Worker Assurance Program N/A 05/01/2019
Colorado Christian University Commendation Scholarship $8,000 Varies
Colorado Christian University Distinction Scholarship $10,000 Varies
Colorado Christian University Partners in Spiritual Formation Scholarship $5,000 05/01/2019
Colorado Christian University Recognition Scholarship $6,000 Varies
CSUB AAUW Scholarship N/A 11/30/2019
CSUB Dolores & Victor S. Cerro Scholarship N/A 04/08/2019
CSUB Dr. Robert W. & Jean L. Sheldon Scholarship $2,375 11/30/2019
CSUB Future Scholars Program $1,000 04/08/2019
Dale "Snook" Noack Memorial Scholarship N/A Varies
Elms College STEM Scholarships $10,000 02/01/2020
EMU Recognition of Excellence Scholarship $8,000 Varies
eQuality Scholarship $6,000 01/31/2020
Free Methodist Scholarship $1,000 Varies
GRCF Patricia & Armen Oumedian Scholarship N/A 03/01/2020
HEEF Architecture and Engineering Scholarships $3,000 01/19/2020
Heidelberg University Out-Of-State Grant $3,000 Varies
Heidelberg University Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship $4,000 Varies
Heidelberg University Transfer Academic Award $52,000 Varies
Heidelberg University UCC Grant $1,000 Varies
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship $40,000 10/25/2019
JWU Phi Theta Kappa (National Honor Society) Scholarship $20,000 Varies
JWU Transfer Scholarship $10,000 Varies
Loyola University Merit Scholarships $14,000 02/15/2020
LR Scholars Program $16,000 Varies
LR Scholars Program Lutheran Scholarships $1,000 07/01/2019
Lycoming College Transfer Scholarships $24,000 03/15/2020
Martin Honors Scholarship $10,000 07/07/2019
MSU Moorhead Transfer Scholarships $1,000 06/30/2019
NACME Scholars (Block Grant) Program $62,500 Varies
New Mexico Tech Phi Theta Kappa $24,000 Varies
New Mexico Tech Regents Scholarship $8,000 Varies
New Mexico Tech Transfer Excel Scholarship $12,000 Varies
New Mexico Tech Transfer Scholarship $12,000 Varies
Niagara University Transfer Student Scholarships $56,000 Varies
Northwood University Free Enterprise Transfer Scholarships $26,000 Varies
Northwood University Freedom Transfer Scholarships $30,000 Varies
Principia College Arthur F. Schulz Jr. Alumni Scholarship $18,000 03/01/2020
Regis College Alumni Sponsor Award $8,000 Varies
Regis College Anniversary Scholarship N/A Varies
Regis College Community College Scholarship N/A Varies
Regis College S. Jeanne D'Arc O'Hare Merit Award N/A Varies
Regis College S. Therese Higgins CSJ Scholarship N/A Varies
Regis College Sibling Award $2,500 Varies
Regis College Tower Scholarship N/A Varies
Roll On You Osas y Osos Scholarship $250 07/01/2019
Stegall Charitable Educational Foundation Scholarship $500 Varies
The Cal Aggie Alumni Association Scholarships $10,000 05/01/2019
The Edison International STEM Scholarship $5,000 01/19/2020
The NYU Game Center EVO Scholarship $24,000 Varies
The Walter M. Decker Point Scholarship N/A 01/29/2020
Twelve Disciples Scholarship N/A 01/15/2020
University of Great Falls Academic Merit Scholarship $8,500 Varies
Valero Energy Corporation Scholarship N/A Varies
Valparaiso University Martin Luther Award $10,000 Varies
WACE National Co-op Scholarship Program N/A Varies
Washington Society of Professional Engineers Engineering Scholarship $2,000 05/01/2019
Washington-Nixon Nursing Scholarship N/A 10/15/2019
WIFLE Scholarship Program $2,500 05/02/2019