Christian Scholarships

Scholarship Title Amount Due Date
Alexander Christian Foundation Scholarship $2,000 03/01/2022
Ann Crawford Alexander Memorial Scholarship $1,000 04/01/2022
Anna Schiller Scholarship N/A 02/01/2022
CCU Athletics Scholarship N/A 04/01/2022
Chris Andersen WomenLead Scholarship $3,000 04/30/2022
Christian Leadership Scholarship $1,000 07/31/2022
Christian Ministries Dependent Grant $1,000 Varies
Colorado Christian Scripture Memory Scholarships N/A 01/24/2022
Colorado Christian University Commendation Scholarship $10,000 Varies
Colorado Christian University Distinction Scholarship $12,000 Varies
Colorado Christian University Grant N/A Varies
Colorado Christian University Honors Scholarship $40,000 Varies
Colorado Christian University Legacy Scholarship $5,000 05/01/2022
Colorado Christian University Partners in Christian Education Scholarship $1,250 05/01/2022
Colorado Christian University Partners in Spiritual Formation Scholarship $5,000 05/01/2022
Colorado Christian University School of Music Scholarship N/A 03/01/2022
Colorado Christian University Trustees' Scholarship $72,000 Varies
Cynthia H. Kuo Scholarship $5,000 Varies
DMP Servant's Heart Christian Scholarship $2,000 03/22/2022
DMP Servant's Heart Scholarship $2,000 03/15/2022
Dora Maclellan Brown Ministry Scholarship N/A 02/15/2022
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Yonker Scholarship N/A 02/01/2022
Dr. James Earl Massey Intercultural Leadership Scholarship $16,000 04/25/2022
Excellence in Character Scholarship N/A 06/17/2022
Foundation for College Christian Leaders Scholarship N/A 05/17/2022
FTE Fellowships for Doctoral Students of African Descent N/A 02/01/2022
FTE Fellowships for Latino/a, Asian and First Nations Doctoral Students N/A 02/01/2022
George and Lynna Gene Cook Scholarship $800 03/15/2022
Gordon and Eleanor Spykman Memorial Scholarship N/A 02/01/2022
Heidelberg University UCC Grant $4,000 Varies
Heidelberg University UCC Ministerial Grant $2,000 Varies
HEK Youth Encouragment Scholarship $1,250 03/09/2022
Herman and Katherine Peters Foundation Scholarship $5,000 04/01/2022
Hoeks Family Scholarship N/A 02/01/2022
Houghton College Wesleyan Scholarships $5,000 01/15/2022
Hubler Endowed Scholarship $10,000 03/15/2022
Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship Program N/A Varies
Lucile Murray Durkin Scholarship $2,200 04/29/2022
Marguerite Young Endowment Fund $1,500 03/31/2022
Mary E. Bivins Foundation Scholarships N/A 01/05/2022
Michmerhuizen Family Scholarship N/A 02/01/2022
National Association of the Church of God Scholarship N/A 03/01/2022
Oklahoma Christian University Current Student Biblical Studies Scholarship $3,000 03/01/2022
Oklahoma Christian University New Student Biblical Studies Scholarship $3,000 03/15/2022
Oluyomi Adewale Foundation Scholarship $1,000 12/08/2021
Pepperdine Christian Leadership Award $5,000 Varies
Peters Foundation, Corp. Scholarship $20,000 04/01/2022
Purposeful Life Scholarship $1,000 03/01/2022
Ruth K. Jacobs Memorial Scholarship N/A 02/01/2022
The Christian Missionary Scholarship Foundation N/A 02/01/2022
The David Scholarship $1,000 06/30/2022
The Daystar Student of Excellence Scholarship N/A 09/30/2022
The Gertrude E. Hasbrouck Memorial Scholarship $3,500 08/31/2022
The ReWritten Scholarship Award N/A 05/28/2022
The Royal Brougham Foundation Scholarship N/A 04/25/2022
The Ruth Scholarship $1,000 06/30/2022
Wilanna K. Robinson Scholarship $500 02/28/2022