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Founded in 1998, Scholarships.com is the #1 free college scholarship search and student resource for finding free financial aid information and opportunities to help pay for college. The Scholarships.com cloud-based mobile and desktop platforms are the easiest, fastest, most targeted and accurate method for high school students, college undergraduates, college grad school students and adult learners to find free college scholarship and grants to help pay for college. Scholarships.com has one goal; working tirelessly to help students graduate college without going deep into student loan debt.

Simply answer a few questions, listing your academic strengths, interests, activities, skills and special attributes and our scholarship matching algorithm will present you with a targeted list of scholarship and grant opportunities, specifically matching you with potentially hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in scholarships and grants!

The Scholarships.com proprietary scholarship database contains more than 3.7 Million local, state and national college scholarships and grants, worth over $19 Billion in funding, available to students of all backgrounds, with real-time, regularly updated information AND new scholarships and grants added to our database daily.

In 1998 Scholarships.com decided there was a better way to unlock and make available to a wide audience, targeted college scholarship and grant information free of charge, disrupting an entire industry that published this valuable information in expensive textbooks, that were also impossible to efficiently search through.

Scholarships.com has offered our valuable services FREE, since 1998. We created a better way to search for scholarships and saw to it that our advertisers pay for the cost of building, publishing and maintaining our site, rather than charging the students who can ill afford yet another expenditure. Avoid the many apps and websites that charge you to use their scholarships search and other related services. Why pay when this information is available for free right here at Scholarships.com? You don’t pay to use any of the other major search engines for general searches, so why pay to search for scholarships? Remember why you are searching for scholarships in the first place and avoid all the scammers and sharks that charge for their apps and sites, many of them possibly even requiring you to upgrade to their “premium” service once you have joined. Never pay for any service you can get for free.

Where have students come to rely on for their free college scholarships search, financial aid information and college research for the last 17 years and counting?

Where's the #1 place to potentially become a “million dollar scholar” without paying any fees?

Scholarships.com! Search today, get matched, go to college for free!

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